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About the Foundation

Honor the past. Reach for the future.

The Egyptian Building stands at the heart of Virginia Commonwealth University’s MCV Campus, an icon of the Medical College of Virginia’s illustrious history and a symbol of the strength and spirit of excellence that propels our campus forward.

Like the Egyptian Building, the Medical College of Virginia Foundation is an integral part of the MCV Campus. Since 1949, the Foundation has worked to achieve a singular objective: support educational, clinical and research excellence on the MCV Campus. The Foundation forms a critical link between the community and the university, connecting the passions and priorities of alumni and friends to the schools and centers that comprise our campus partners.

As the MCV Campus has grown and changed, so has the scope of the Foundation’s responsibilities. Today, we pursue our mission to inspire and steward philanthropy throughout the MCV Campus by:

  • Partnering with and investing in school-based and center-based development programs to meet their strategic objectives
  • Maintaining strong relationships with benefactors and ensuring that each donor’s wishes are honored
  • Fostering a prudent investment program to increase the value of endowment gifts
  • Providing financial and accounting services to those receiving private funds
  • Helping MCV Campus partners respond to opportunities with effectiveness and ease
  • Publicizing the impact of philanthropy of the MCV Campus to recognize its benefactors and inspire others to give