Types of Gifts

There are many different ways you may wish to provide for the MCV Campus in your estate plans. The following is an overview of our most common gift types.

Unrestricted vs. Restricted

Unrestricted gifts to support the MCV Campus are especially appreciated because they may be used for the greatest need of the MCV Campus at the time of receipt.

Restricted giving allows you to designate your gift to support a specific school, program, department or purpose. If you are interested in making a restricted gift, please contact us

Current Use vs. Endowment

Current use gifts provide great flexibility and allow the MCV Campus to put your gift to work immediately for the purpose of your choosing.

Endowed gifts provide funding for a specific purpose in perpetuity. Establishing an endowment allows you to create a lasting legacy and provide permanent funding for a cause dear to your heart. Most commonly, our donors establish endowments to support faculty through endowed chairs and professorships, students through endowed scholarships, and important research through endowed research funds. To establish an endowment, your gift must meet MCV Campus minimums, which may vary over time. To learn more about endowments, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. If you wish to discuss establishing an endowment, please contact us.

Blended Gifts 

Some donors may wish to establish an endowed fund by meeting current endowment minimums and provide additional support for their endowed fund through their estate plans. This type of “blended gift” is increasing in popularity because it allows donors to make a larger philanthropic impact. Donors who choose to establish this type of gift will be recognized for the total dollar value of their blended gift.

By establishing an endowed fund today, donors can watch it grown during their lifetime. Most commonly, donors either leave a specific bequest in their will or complete a beneficiary designation in their retirement or insurance plan to provide additional funding for their endowment(s) in the future.