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The MCV Society includes alumni and friends who have provided for the future of the MCV campus by establishing life income gifts or including the foundation in their estate plans.

The MCV Society was founded in 1994 to recognize and thank those who have expressed their loyalty and gratitude to any of the MCV Campus schools or units by including them in their philanthropic plans.

MCV Society members are invited to special events and programs in recognition of the important role they are playing to advance superior patient care, healthcare education and research.

Partner with us today in our commitment to the future of the MCV Campus and to health care at large. For more information, please contact Ann Deppman, Director of Gift Planning,, or call 804-828-4599.

Have you already included the MCV Campus in your estate plan?

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Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Abraham
Mr. Henry W. Addington
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adelaar
Ms. Jenni Aerni
Dr. Julie Berny Akabogu-George
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Allison
Mrs. Benjamin P. Alsop, Jr.
Dr. Jennifer G. Angell
Mr. Donald D. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. M. Pierce Ashby Jr.


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Dr. Bruce A. Baber
Mr. Theodore C. Babinsky
Dr. K. Drew Baker
Dr. Betsy A. Bampton
Drs. Randolph and Sandra Barker
Dr. Lorna Mill Barrell
Mr. Stephen L. Barrett
Dr. Stephen L. Barrett
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Batista Jr.
Dr. Richard N. Baylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Beadles
Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt S. Beazley III
Dr. Henry Vaughan Belcher
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin L. Belkov
Mr. and Mrs. Lance W. Berkowitz
Dr. and Mrs. Scott C. Berman
Mrs. Eugenia Q. Berman
Ms. Patricia B. Bernal
Mrs. Helen S. Birch
Dr. Wilsie S. and Mr. Paul Bishop
Dr. Erika M. and Mr. M. Eldridge Blanton III
Dr. Robert H. Blease
Ms. Regina Blyston
Dr. Katherine C. Bobbitt
Ms. Susan R. Bogin
Ms. Martha C. Booker
Dr. Daniel C. Booker, Jr.
Mrs. Kay K. Borden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Borden, Jr.,
Dr. Helen H. Bosse
Dr. Robert R. Bowen
Mrs. Helga Boyan
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Broaddus
Dr. Edmund G. Brodie
Dr. Barbara S. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Brown
Mrs. Pastoria Archer Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bullock
Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Burch III
Dr. Arthur W. Burke, Jr.
Dr. Harold W. Burnette
Mrs. Bronwyn McDaniels Burnham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Burnham, Jr.
Dr. Richard P. Burruss, Jr.
Mr. Richard H. Burton
Mr. Lindsay W. Butler
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Byrd


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Ms. Margaret Caldwell
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Califano
Mr. Christopher M. Calkins
Dr. G. Edward Calvert
Ms. Karen L. Cameron
Dr. Sydney A. Fleischer and Dr. Norman M. Camp
Dr. Ruth W. Campbell and Mr. John Taylor
Dr. Charles M. Caravati
Dr. Elizabeth R. Carmichael
Ms. Anne G. Carpenter
Mr. O. B. Carter, Jr.
Dr. Catherine S. Casey and Mr. J. Christopher Ryan
Ms. Ruth S. Cassell
Dr. James P. Charlton
Mrs. Elizabeth Potter Christian
Dr. and Mrs. E. Todd Clark
Mr. John L. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark Jr.
Mrs. Bernardine A. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Clarke
Dr. Beverley B. Clary
Mrs. Dora Moncure Clary
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Clary
Mrs. Jean B. Clayton
Mrs. Joyce P. Clement
Ms. Myra E. Clements
Donna L. Clevinger, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clough
Mrs. Judy T. Clough
Mrs. Polly Cole
Dr. Waverly M. Cole
Ms. Gladys C. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coleman
Mrs. Mary P. Coleman
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Kathryn Colenda
Dr. Toni Marie Collado
Anne Verlander Collins Trust
Ms. Judy Collins and Mr. Joseph Teefey
Dr. John R. Cook
Mrs. Jean Tandy Cook
Dr. William A. Cook, Jr.
Ms. Sarah H. Cooke
Mrs. Janet C. Coon
Dr. John L. Corey
Mr. Harold E. and Mrs. Doris P. Costley
Mrs. Dorothy Nance Coval Martial Trust
Ms. Maleda Tate Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Craigie
Dr. Andrea B. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Crone
Dr. Beauty and Mr. George Crummette


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Dr. G. Curtis Dailey
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood H. Davis, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Rufus Marion DeHart, Jr.
Dr. Richard H. Dean
Ann A. Deppman, Esq.
Mrs. Phyllis Dickey
Dr. Walter H. Dickey, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dodge Jr.
Dr. William S. Dosher
Ms. Eveylin C. Doss
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Doswell II
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Dowdy
Dr. William L. Driskill, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George Drucker
Drs. David E. Drucker and L. L. Atkinson
Dr. R. Randolph Duffer
Ms. Florence S. Duffy
Mrs. Janet W. Duke
Mr. Paul W. Duke
Dr. Ann H. Dunbar
Dr. Barbara H. Dunn


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Ms. Joan E. Eanes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Earle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Van Eck
Trust of Wilmoth Booth Edmundson
Ms. Florence E. Elliott
Mrs. Norma Ellis
Dr. William J. Ellis
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Lea W. Emory
Ms. Emma Gray Emory
Mrs. Jewell M. Emswiller
Mr. Carl F. Emswiller, Jr.
Mr. Richard D. Ernsberger
Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Eshleman
Dr. James D. Esinhart
Dr. and Mrs. Russell D. Evett
Mrs. E. Paris Ewart
Dr. George E. Ewart
Mrs. Susan S. Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hugh Ewing III


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Dr. Sarah P. Farrell
Mr. E. William Felte, Jr.
Dr. E. Raymond Fenton
Mrs. Ann M. Fenton
Dr. Marcella F. Fierro
Dr. Guy R. Fisher
Mr. Russell H. Fiske, Sr.
Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, Jr.
Dr. Mildred B. Forman
Dr. Powell G. Fox, Jr.
Dr. Albert A. and Mrs. Virginia M. Fratrick
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Frazier
Mrs. Doris W. Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Freiden
Dr. Eugenie M. Fribourg
Drs. Ruth and William Friedman
Mrs. Fleta H. Friel
Ms. Charlotte H. Frischkorn


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Dr. and Mrs. David F. Gardner
Dr. and Mrs. A. Randolph Garnett
Dr. Eleanor and Mr. Roy Garrett
Mrs. Florence V. Gay
Dr. R. Ashton Gay
Dr. Ragnit Geeraets
Dr. Walter Jean Geeraets
Mr. James F. Gerlack
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Given, Jr.
Mr. Arthur Glasgow
Mrs. Margaret Branch Glasgow
Dr. and Mrs. Edmond T. Glenn
Dr. Robert Goldschmidt and Ms. Debbi Nierenberg
Mr. Gilbert M. Gonzales
Mr. Donald S. Good
Mrs. Augusta C. Goodman
Mr. Robert C. Goodman
Dr. John A. Goodno, Jr.
Ms. Patricia W. Gottschall
Dr. T. Winston and Mrs. Eleanor L. Gouldin
Miss E. Louise Grant
Mrs. Lois H. Gray
Mr. W. W. Gray
Dr. Zachary T. Gray III
Mr. J. William Gray Jr., Esq.
Dr. David Greenblum
Dr. Lazar J. Greenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gregory
Dr. and Mrs. Lance F. Grenevicki
Mrs. Dianne H. Griffith
Dr. and Mrs. Mark N. Griffith
Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Grubb, Jr.
Ms. Clara S. Grunwald
Mrs. Lucile S. Gudger
Mr. Richard J. Gunst
Ms. Kathleen M. Gurren


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Mr. and Ms. Joseph Hackett
Dr. William J. Hagood, Jr.
Dr. Philip D. Hall
Dr. Catherine B. Ham
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Ham (In honor of Catherine B. Ham, M.D.)
Dr. J. Stephen O'Brien and Ms. Jane U. Hamilton
Mrs. Mary B. Hamilton
Ms. Marianna S. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV
Mr. A. Lee Hansbury
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Harman
Dr. James P. Harnsberger
Dr. Joan K. and Mr. Don A. Harold Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Jordan H. Harris
Mrs. Mayme Wilson Lacy Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Louis S. Harris
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Hazel W. Harris
Mr. Eugene C. Harrison
Ms. Miriam E. S. Hart
Ms. M. Buie Harwood
Ms. Mary Harwood
Mr. John W. Hawkins
Dr. and Mrs. Harrison B. Hawley
Dr. W. Tyler Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Davis G. Heatwole
Mrs. Sharolyn B. Heatwole
Dr. Belmont A. Helsabeck
Prof. Virginia E. Hench
Dr. JoAnne K. Henry and Mr. James S. Henry
Dr. Ernest C. Hermann
Mrs. Louise B. Herndon
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Lew Hiatt
Mrs. Jane C. Higgins
Mr. Laurance H. Higgins
Mrs. Roberta Wildman Hill
Dr. and Mrs. Douglass O. Hill, Sr.
Mr. Edward S. Hirschler
Ms. Kitty G. Hirsh
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hobbs, Jr.
Ms. Marge H. Hodges
Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Hoffman
Dr. Randolph H. Hoge
Ms. Irene Elks Hoge
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Holland
Ms. Mary M. Holtzclaw
Mrs. Edna N. Hooker
Dr. Raymond C. Hooker, Sr.
Mr. C. Larry Horne and Mr. Ronald W. Phillips
Dr. William H. Hoskins
Mrs. Margaret A. Hukill
Dr. Julius C. Hulcher
Mrs. Elsie W. Hulcher
Mrs. Phyllis A. Hussey


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Dr. Jane R. and Mr. Larry W. Ingalls


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Ms. Alice A. Jackson
Dr. Fredrika and Mr. Paul Jacobs
Mrs. Adah S. Jaffer
Mrs. Nancy L. Jakubec
Ms. Cathy A. James
Judge John Ambler Jamison
Dr. Thomas H. Jennings
Drs. Kelli L. and Brandon T. Jennings
Dr. Leslie A. Jeter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Johnson
Ms. Adele K. Johnson
Mrs. Dorothy G. Johnson
Mrs. Gail W. Johnson and Mr. R. Earl Johnson
Mrs. Mary Ann Magee Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. S. Bernard Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph A. Jones
Professor Jeanette A. Jones
Dr. Sara C. Jones-Gomberg
Dr. Roderick B. Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Jess N. Judy


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Dr. Audrey E. Kane
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Karbowski
Mrs. F. Rita Kaslow
Mr. Herbert Kaslow
Ms. Cynia A. Katsorelos
Mr. David A. and Mrs. Janice E. Keitz
Mr. James B. Kerr
Dr. Harold W. Kimmerling
Ms. Martha McCarty Kimmerling
Dr. Henry J. King
Ms. Mattielene T. King
Dr. C. Sidney King
Ms. Alice Lyons Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Klaus, Sr.
Ms. Susan Craik and Mr. Jeff E. Kling
Lt. Col. Jane M. Knight
Dr. Alfred Koerner
Dr. Joseph B. Kohen, Jr.
Mr. Paul W. and Dr. Patricia R. McQuade Koors
Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Koziol
Dr. and Mrs. James K. Kreter
Ms. Kathleen Sue Kwentus


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Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. LaFratta
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Carole A. Lainof
Dr. David A. and Mrs. Emily R. Lanning
Mrs. Katherine I. Lantz
Rev. Robert B. Lantz
Dr. Bruce E. Large
Ms. Sharon Larkins-Pederson and Mr. Edson Pederson
Ms. Ruth M. Latimer
Ms. Sally S. Laughon
Dr. William E. and Mrs. Evelyn F. Laupus
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Lawrence, Jr.
Dr. Susan M. Learned
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood S. Leavitt
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Lebenson
Dr. Deborah A. Lebman
Drs. Kyungok C. and Hyung M. Lee
Estate of Samuel Lee
Ms. Suzanne Lee
Dr. H. M. Lee
Dr. Sanford L. Lefcoe
Mr. E. H. Lester
Ms. Tina J. Lester
Ms. Anne S. Levey
Dr. Jeffrey Levin
Mr. Jack D. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Lilly
Ms. Mary O. Lindamood
Mrs. Patricia L. Lindsay
Mr. Eric M. and Mrs. Jeanette S. Lipman
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Litchfield
Dr. Walter Lorenz
Mr. Frank Loveall
Mrs. Leona Jane Low
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lowance
Ms. Phyllis Blair Lowrie
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Luck
Dr. William Bruce Lundeen
Dr. Lewis C. Lush
Dr. Harry Lyons


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Dr. Joseph E. and Mrs. Diana Maddox
Mrs. Anne F. Mahoney
Ms. Laura G. Majeskey
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mapp
Dr. Richard C. Mariani
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Markel
Mrs. Judith E. Marsella-Gonzales
Mr. George C. and Mrs. Elinor B. Marshall
Mrs. Jane L. Martin
Mrs. Gertrude M. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Massey, Jr.
Dr. N. Rudolph Mauney, Jr.
Mr. Harold E. Maurer
Mrs. Adrienne L. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. William C. McAllister
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander M. McBride
Dr. Nancy L. McCain
Dr. William H. McCall
Mrs. William H. McCall
Ms. Margaret H. McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Alex W. McClay
Mr. and Mrs. W. Alan McCollough
Dr. Carolyn Moore McCue
Dr. Howard M. McCue, Jr.
Dr. Johnnie A. McCullough
Mrs. W. Benson McCutcheon
Dr. Benson McCutcheon, Jr.
Dr. Eugene M. McDaniel, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Andes McDermott
Dr. Alex R. McDonald
Estate of Mr. John H. and Mrs. Stasia M. McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. McFarlane
Estate of Virginia McIlhany
Ms. Bertha H. McLeod
Ms. Susan McMakin
Dr. Francis H. McMullan and Mrs. Claire McMullan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. McMunn
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Meador-Woodruff
Dr. and Mrs. Austin I. Mehrhof
Ms. Elizabeth L. Meixner
Dr. Rosemary K. Menke
Mrs. Elaine G. Merrick
Ms. Patricia Merrill
Ms. Dorothy F. Meyer
Mrs. Julia Gray Michaux
Dr. Richard A. Michaux
Drs. Roberta L. and Charles D. Miller
Ms. T. Ruth Miller
Dr. Cyril R. Mirmelstein
Mrs. Evelyn F. Mirmelstein
Miss Nancy Mitteldorfer
Dr. Willys M. Monroe
Mrs. Gladys DeWitt Moon
Mr. Roy A. Moon
Mr. Stewart R. Moore
Dr. W. Donald Moore
Mrs. Anne H. Moore
Mrs. Anne Tucker Moore
Mr. John P. Moore
Dr. French H. Moore, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. French H. Moore, Sr.
Dr. Steven C. Moreland
Mrs. Emily M. Morton
Dr. and Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth A. Moyer
Dr. Mary A. Mrdeza
Dr. Norborne F. Muir
Dr. Barbara A. Munjas
Dr. Orhan Muren
Mrs. Helga Muren
Ms. Anne Wilkerson Murray
Mr. Robert E. Myers
Dr. Edward Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Myrick


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Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Nance
Ms. Susan M. Nash
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Neifeld
Dr. and Mrs. Kinloch Nelson
Dr. William E. and Mrs. Katherine S. Newby
Mrs. Samuel W. and Mrs. Martha D. Newell
Mr. Dewey L. and Mrs. Lorene H. Newman
Ms. Evelyn R. Nice
Estate of Goldie F. Nicholas
Ms. Debbi Nierenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Nuckols
Dr. Julia R. Nunley
Mr. Moses D. Nunnally, Jr.
Dr. Paul J. Nutter


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Dr. Timothy A. O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. John B. O'Grady, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Oetting
Estate of Ms. Lucy Ann Oliver
Mr. Sture G. Olsson
Dr. Alva N. Osteen


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Dr. Jane Page
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Paine, Jr.
Ms. Helen Pappas
Mrs. Anne Ross Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Partin
Mr. John L. Patterson
Dr. Karl E. Peace
Ms. Amelia Deekens Pendleton
Mr. R. Craig Percy
Mrs. Rebecca T. Perdue
Dr. E. W. Perkins
Dr. Donald F. Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr.
Dr. Chester K. Perry
Mrs. Faye L. Peters
Dr. John F. Philips
Mrs. Margaret S. Phillips
Mr. Ronald W. Phillips
Ms. Pauline R. Phipps
Mrs. Catherine S. Plotkin
Mr. Adam S. Plotkin
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pollak
Dr. Sally A. Abbott and Dr. James M. Pomputius
Dr. Woodrow W. Poss
Ms. Diana Linen Powell
The Honorable and Mrs. Edward A. Powell, Jr.
Dr. Julie A. Prazich
Mr. Joseph Lock Presbrey, Jr.
Ms. Judith Price and Mr. Charles Corn
Ms. Frances Garrett Priessner
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Prior
Drs. Carol B. and Mark C. Pugh
Dr. and Mrs. Preston P. Purdum III
Dr. Kent M. Puryear
Dr. Willard Pushkin


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Mr. Robert M. Raab
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Ramsburg
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rashid
Dr. William H. ReMine, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Revere, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Marvin Reynolds
Estate of Mr. Otto Rich
Dr. Ralph S. Riffenburgh
Mrs. Catherine Grinnan Ritter
Dr. Douglas C. Roane
Dr. Louise W. Robertson
Mr. Richard T. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Robins
Mr. Norman Rolfe
Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe
Dr. Michele and Mr. Donald Romano
Dr. Stephen J. and Mrs. Leslie A. Ronan
Mr. R. Reginald Rooke
Dr. Frank E. Rowell
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Bonnie F. Ruch
Ms. Vickie L. Ruch and Dr. Rhon L. Williams
Mrs. Sabra S. Russell
Mrs. Helen J. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr.


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Dr. Leroy S. Safian
Mr. David F. Saleeba, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. C. Lester Salmon, Jr.
Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha
Dr. Frederic W. Sammons
Dr. Margaret M. Sanders
Dr. J. C. Moller Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. Julian D. Sanger
Dr. Mohamadi A. Sarkar and Ms. Pretti Verma
Mr. Stephen Sarres
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Sarrett
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin J. Schalow, Jr.
Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger
Mr. George E. Schlosser
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Schneider
Dr. Bruce A. and Mrs. Carol G. Schorr
Dr. Herbert L. Schwartz
Mrs. Kathryn E. Schwarzschild
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott
Mrs. Thomas B. Scott, Jr.
Dr. Anthony C. Segreti and Mrs. Wendy Segreti
Drs. Edith and Hugo Seibel
Mrs. Verna W. Seidensticker
Dr. Peder M. Shea
Mr. Michael R. Shebelskie
Ms. Marie J. Showalter
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Showalter
Dr. Dwight H. Shull
Mr. William F. Shumaduine Jr.
Dr. Joan M. Shumaker
Dr. Robert B. Sigafoes
Ms. Lucie T. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Singleton
Mrs. Dorothy O. Smith
Mrs. Florence Neal Cooper Smith
Mr. Gabriel J. Somori
Dr. Margaret R. Spaulding
Ms. Jane C. Spilman
Dr. I. Norman Sporn
Ms. Maria D. Staley
Dr. Deborah G. Clapp and Mr. Christian Stallsmith
Dr. Sommers D. Stancell
Ms. Marguerite Moses Stanley
Dr. Mary F. Stavropoulos
Ms. Ann Steigleder
Mr. Harry Stein
Mrs. Florence W. Steiner
Dr. John D. Stephens
Dr. Hack U. Stephenson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Stern, Sr.
Dr. Carol W. Stevens
Mr. J. Clay Stiles III
Mrs. Marian W. Stocker
Mrs. Margaret B. Stokes
Mrs. Jacquelyn J. Stone
Ms. V. Patricia Story
The Honorable and Mrs. Walter A. Stosch
Dr. Thomas P. Stratford
Mrs. Evalyn W. Strause
Mr. M. L. Strause, Jr.
Ms. Thelma F. Sturt
Mr. Joseph Suarez, Sr.
Mrs. Veronica D. Sweeney


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Mr. Thomas Tabb
CAPT Thomas B. Talamini
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Talbot
Ms. Jayne T. Shepherd and Mr. Fred L. Tanner
Mrs. Shannon F. Tate
Dr. Clarence W. and Mrs. Ora Lee F. Taylor
Dr. Charles A. Teaters, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Teefey and Ms. Judy Collins
Mrs. Rhoda Thalhimer
Mr. William B. Thalhimer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Thalhimer, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Tharp
Dr. Christine Thelen
Mrs. Jean F. Thomas
Ms. Emily M. B. Thomas
Mrs. Evelyn F. Thomas
Mrs. Rosalee H. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Thompson
Mr. Charles K. Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. W. Taliaferro Thompson, Jr.
Ms. Connie L. Thompson-Bodkin
Mrs. Dorothy Knowles Thomson
Ms. Elizabeth H. Thornton
Miss Jerolien T. Titmus
Dr. Elam C. Toone, Jr.
Dr. George N. and Mrs. Margaret Trakas
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Trani
Dr. Wade L. Traynham
Dr. George T. Tunstall, Jr.
Mrs. June H. Turnage
Mrs. Ernestine G. Turner


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Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ukrop
Dr. Richard J. Unger


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Mrs. Fay T. Vaden
Estate of Helen R. Van Rensselaer
Dr. John W. Vann
Ms. Marie P. Vaughan
Mr. Woodford G. Vaughan, Jr.
Dr. Michael P. Vaughn


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The Honorable Carolyn C. Wake and Mr. John Wake
Mr. John M. Walke
Mr. Terrence L. Walker
Mr. Ben A. Wallerstein
Dr. Fred Walls, Jr. and Mrs. Katherine M. Walls
Ms. Marcia N. Walpert
Mrs. Shirley Van Epps Waple
Ms. Mary D. Weaver
Estate of Martha J. Wells
Dr. Wilk O. West
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. White
Dr. Kenneth R. White
Mr. John T. White
Dr. Eugene V. and Mrs. Laura White
Mrs. Barbara F. White
Dr. and Mrs. James L. White
Mrs. Mary F. Whited
Annie Marie Whittemore, Esq.
Mrs. Martha B. Whitworth
Dr. Claiborne G. Whitworth III
Estate of Ms. Ilse M. Wiesinger
Dr. Patricia Loucks Wiley
Ms. Patricia A. Wilkerson
Dr. Annie L. Wilkerson
Dr. Vivian M. Wilkerson
Dr. Lucien S. Wilkins and Ms. Freda Barry Hartness
Ms. Damarius T. Marion and Mr. John J. Williams
Dr. Pauline P. Williams
Dr. Robert F. Willner
Dr. and Mrs. Ohlen R. Wilson
Mr. Albert Alonzo Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlton Wilton
Dr. William O. Winston
Dr. Robert B. Woodhull
Mrs. Harriet A. Woodhull
Dr. Judith Ann Woods
Dr. Lauren A. Woods
Mr. George Stuart Woodson
Ms. Christine J. Woodson
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Woolwine
Dr. Robert E. Woolwine, Jr.
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Wright


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Dr. Doris B. Yingling
Ms. Evangeline Yoder
Estate of Polly B. Young
Dr. and Mrs. Reuben B. Young