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VCU School of Medicine Students REACH 4 Ghana

This summer, seven students from the VCU School of Medicine traveled to Ghana in West Africa. They made the journey because they wanted to see, hear and experience global health — things they wouldn’t be able to extract from a book held in their hands here in Richmond.

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A Community Effort: Raising Funds and Hope for ALS Patients and Families

Despite hopes that the difficulties he began feeling in his hands weren’t symptoms of ALS, Bobby Quinn was diagnosed with the disease on April 3, 2017.

Since that time, Bobby and the community around him have been working to raise funds for ALS patient care, research and family support.

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Personalized Medicine at its Finest

During Cancer Immunotherapy Month, we’re looking back at an article from NEXT Magazine about CAR T-cell therapy, a new type of immunotherapy that VCU Massey Cancer Center was the first in Virginia to provide.


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