Administrative Overview of Current Funds

Effective October 1, 2014

I. This statement is issued by the Investment Committee of the Medical College of Virginia Foundation.  Its purpose is to provide an overview of the administration of restricted current operating funds.  These funds are defined as those derived from private, non-endowment sources for the benefit of MCV Campus schools, departments and divisions, as well as those funds restricted to specific projects.

III. Current funds will be assessed a fee of 0.50 percent (one-half of one percent) on the market value of the fund each year. These fees will be charged based on the monthly balance and assessed quarterly, not to exceed income distributed.

IV. Investment objectives, policies and guidelines for the operating pool have been approved by the Foundation Investments Committee and are reviewed as necessary.

V. Income assigned to individual current operating funds will be distributed and credited as follows:

  • Income is distributed to qualifying funds based on the weighted average balance of the fund for the fiscal quarter.
  • Income will be credited to individual funds at a rate that is the lesser of 1) actual interest income, net of investment fees and expenses; or 2) a rate equivalent to the 90-day Treasury Bill.

VI. Detailed statements of account for individual funds are accessed online with a log in and password at