discovery series

A Decade of Discovery

By Cara Haddon

For 10 years, the MCV Foundation’s Discovery Series has featured renowned physicians and researchers sharing the latest insights and innovations in health care. The events have provided unique access for guests to foster relationships and enjoy one-on-one conversations with VCU Health experts.

Each year, the event brings more new friends, patients and supporters to VCU Health.

Charles Crone, former MCV Foundation trustee

In November 2023, the foundation celebrated a decade of its signature event program, the Discovery Series. The foundation launched the series to raise awareness and visibility in the greater Williamsburg area of the outstanding medical research, patient care and education that happens on the MCV Campus. 

The 2013 inaugural event was a success thanks in large part to a strong host committee whose exceptional advocacy championed the work of VCU Health within their own Williamsburg communities.

In its first year, the program attracted more than 75 attendees. Today, the event regularly draws more than 200 guests while continuing to showcase the many exceptional areas of VCU Health. The series has also expanded to include a Richmond-based event in recent years. 

“The host committee has one of the greatest tools to make the Discovery Series a success — word of mouth,” said Charles Crone, a former MCV Foundation trustee. “Each year, the event brings more new friends, patients and supporters to VCU Health.” 

The inaugural Discovery Series Host Committee for Williamsburg included Bob and Louise Canfield, Charles and Ginny Crone, Julie Baxter and Paul Dresser, Jane Kaplan and the late Jim Kaplan, and Judi Forehand Starkey. Photo: CSI Studios

The host committee continues to play an integral part in the success of each event. During a recent planning meeting, committee members reflected on the past decade, noting that the Discovery Series fall 2023 events were among the best so far.

The Discovery Series has made a significant impact across the MCV Campus and   VCU Health. Since 2013, VCU Health has received more than 300 new patient referrals from individuals who have attended Discovery Series events. Additionally, more than $9 million has been contributed from attendees who join the Discovery Society through their gifts to support any school, unit or program on the MCV Campus. 

“It’s been fascinating to see what’s been accomplished in the last 10 years,” said host committee member Louise Canfield. Judi Forehand Starkey echoed those sentiments, adding that “great opportunity lies ahead for Williamsburg and its connection to the MCV Foundation and VCU Health.”

If you would like to learn more about the MCV Foundation’s Discovery Series events, please contact Brian Thomas, executive vice president and chief development officer, at 804-828-0067 or