Ann Deppman

Foundation Welcomes New Director of Gift Planning

Earlier in September, the foundation welcomed Ann Deppman as its new director of gift planning. In this capacity, she provides strategic leadership and supports planned giving efforts across the MCV Campus in partnership with development officers.

Ann joined the MCV Foundation from Oberlin College in Ohio, where she was director of gift planning for the college and led successful efforts to increase institutional support through outright and planned gifts. She brings more than 13 years of experience to the role. With a legal background, she has a special interest in helping partners on the MCV Campus stay informed about various changes to the laws and regulations that may affect charitable giving. Ann is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Middlebury College, and she earned her law degree from Vermont Law School.

She enjoys the opportunity that planned giving offers to help tailor gifts to a donor’s unique needs and interests. Throughout her career Ann said she was drawn to roles that require her to digest complex content and communicate it to stakeholders in way that makes sense to them. Successful gift planning, Ann said, requires education and communication and that plays to her personal strengths.

We sat down with Ann recently to talk about the importance of planned giving for organizations like the foundation and our community of supporters.

What drew you to work in planned giving?

As an intellectually curious person and a natural problem-solver, I found my fundraising home in planned giving. I enjoy staying up to date on the laws and regulations that affect charitable giving and am happy to serve as a resource for donors and colleagues in these areas.

What do you enjoy most about working in planned giving?

I love the problem-solving aspect. There are so many interesting scenarios that come across my desk that people aren’t quite sure how to handle. That’s when I roll up my sleeves and think creatively and analytically to help the individual achieve their philanthropic goals.

Why is planned giving such an important area for both organizations and donors?

It is incredibly important to keep the long view in mind. Planned giving is where most institutions raise their largest gifts. Many individuals want to support the organizations they care most about, but may not always have the ability to achieve their philanthropic goals right away. Often planned gifts provide a great way to achieve their goals for impact. That intent, once documented, also connects the donor more closely to the organization. They begin to think of the organization as a family member, and the organization likewise can celebrate their relationship with the donor by including them in special events and programs. Organizations who build a strong donor base through planned giving also increase overall loyalty to the organization and its mission. This often leads to an increase in lifetime giving because the individuals now have a personal interest in the success of the organization.

What are a few things you’d really want donors to know about working with you and the foundation on planned gifts?

I am a good listener, patient, and want to make sure we achieve a gift that makes sense for the donor and their family. I am also eager to be a seen as a friendly face and receptive partner to gift officers and donors and to help everyone know more about planned giving opportunities.

Do you have a personal favorite among the many ways to make a planned gift?

I love Charitable Gift Annuities because they can be used to achieve so many objectives — they are really an unsung hero in the planned giving world. They are incredibly simple to set up and can be a great way for donors to plan for retirement or increase their income while also leaving a legacy gift. There are so many creative and thoughtful ways to use CGA’s.

What excited you most about joining the MCV Foundation team?

I’m looking forward to working with our campus partners. Healthcare is a new sector for me in terms of developing planned gifts. I have personally seen the importance of great healthcare, medical research and education of the future professionals, and I know this will be a rewarding place to work.