Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on the people and the places and the actions that have enabled us to be what and who we are.

In giving thanks, many of us owe our successes and our triumphs to the support and guidance of others, and here at the MCV Foundation we have a unique perspective of that truth.

Every day, we see generosity that saves lives.

We see kindness that heels.

We see selflessness that supports new generations of healthcare providers.

We see gratitude for good health that repairs health in others.

We see trust in research and ideas that manifests in cures for disease.

Most of all, we see humans rally around each other to create better health and happiness for neighbors, friends and family in Central Virginia and beyond.

It is for all of this that we say “Thank you” to our donors this Thanksgiving. Thank you to those who support the care, research and education that changes lives and the world every day.

We owe our successes and triumphs in saving lives to you.

MCV Campus students with a sign thanking donors for their support.