The 40-year career of Julia R. Nunley, M.D., who retired last June, inspired her colleagues, former patients and other friends to establish the Julia R. Nunley, M.D., Lectureship in Dermatology. Photo: Daniel Sangjib Min, MCV Foundation

Lecture Series Will Inspire Future Dermatologists

Last fall, colleagues and former students launched efforts to celebrate the career of Julia R. Nunley, M.D., a professor of dermatology who retired in June 2023 from the VCU School of Medicine. 

During her career, she earned board certifications in internal medicine, nephrology and dermatology. Her specialty and mentorship in the school’s Department of Dermatology inspired colleagues, former patients and other friends to honor her legacy by creating the Julia R. Nunley, M.D., Lectureship in Dermatology. 

Dr. Nunley was a pioneer in her field. For nearly half of her 40-year tenure on the MCV Campus, she served as director of the department’s residency program, helping train generations of dermatologists. Her dedication to the MCV Campus and the greater dermatology community has had an outsize impact on the field.

“She has generously shared her knowledge with trainees who now care for patients across the country and around the world,” said Art Saavedra, M.D., Ph.D., a dermatologist and dean of the VCU School of Medicine. “This lectureship is a fitting extension of her legacy — ensuring our future trainees have direct access to national experts and leaders in the field.”

The lectureship will provide opportunities for distinguished experts from across the country to share groundbreaking research and clinical insights, as well as to explore complex cases and push advancements in dermatological science. The series will also inspire the next generation of dermatologists. 

“For this to be the first endowed dermatology lectureship is humbling,” Dr. Nunley said. “Most of my professional life has been in education, and it’s an honor that a lectureship has been created that keeps with this focus I had during my career.” 

If you’d like to support the Julia R. Nunley, M.D., Lectureship in Dermatology at the VCU School of Medicine, please contact Jodi Smith, director of development in the Office of Medical Philanthropy and Alumni Relations, at 804-628-2248 or