Towing the Line

A special license plate has been passed down over the years from former president Mickey Dowdy to Sharon Larkins Pederson and, now, to Brian Thomas, the foundation’s vice president and chief development officer. Photo: Tyler Trumbo

'Towing' the Company Line

Virginia loves vanity plates, and Brian Thomas, MCV Foundation’s vice president and chief development officer, now has one with lots of appeal: “GIV2MCV.”

The license plate’s backstory is almost as powerful as its message.

MCVF License Plate

Former MCV Foundation President Mickey Dowdy first drove the message home in 1994, a year after arriving at the foundation. He in turn passed the plate to his colleague Sharon Larkins Pederson when he left the foundation in 2006. Brian recently received a call from Sharon, who retired as senior development officer at the foundation in 2008. She had been “towing” the company line since retiring and planned to surrender the special license plate in case he was interested.

After a few clicks on the DMV website, Brian is driving around with a rolling reminder to all our friends wherever he goes.