A Year of Unending Gratitude

This year, unlike any other in memory, has reminded us of the importance of gratitude, both as an act of hope and an acknowledgement of abundance during hardship.

Our world was upended last spring by a microscopic virus that has left too many families grieving as we enter the holiday season. And these challenges weigh heavily on all of us as we prepare to forego or scale back celebrations around the table with loved ones.

The changing of seasons makes for a colder, darker time of year. Yet, in that darkness, a bright light has been shining. In Virginia, we have been fortunate that leadership in public health has spared our state from a fate more severe through smart, early measures.

Healthcare providers and emergency medical professionals braved the early uncertain days of the pandemic to provide compassionate care despite health risks and concerns about adequate safety equipment and when they might safely see their families. Today, doctors, nurses, EMTs and environmental staff continue to show dedication beyond belief long after the intensity of early salutes to their efforts.

We’ve witnessed ingenuity and unsparing dedication to patient care at VCU Health. Students, faculty and staff have stepped up to adapt and lead in ways that underscore the wealth of talent and leadership on the MCV Campus. And our donors have given generously to advance research on how we might better treat COVID-19 and save lives. Generous gifts have supported meals for front-line workers and provided critical safety supplies to those most often in harm’s way.

Together we have been weathering this challenging time with a grace and solidarity that inspires our team and makes us grateful to be a part of such a caring community, even in some of the most challenging times we’ve faced.

We are thankful for so many things this year — chief among them are the healthcare workers who continue to face one of the most challenging public health issues of our time.

Our thanksgiving wish is for your continued health and safety as you find comfort in those you are closest to — whether six feet away or virtually. We also hope that the coming year will afford us the opportunity to safely gather in person to both remember the sacrifices of so many and to celebrate the support of friends like you who make VCU Health’s successes and triumphs possible through your vision and generosity.