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MCV Foundation Societies Go Virtual

The disruptions caused by COVID-19 meant many of the foundation’s plans had to be canceled in order to mitigate the spread of the virus and keep our friends safe. Many MCV celebrations and opportunities to connect around our shared goals were put on hold. The absence of these time-honored traditions was felt heavily during the spring.

“We were especially disappointed that the pandemic prevented us from hosting the events and programs that many look forward to each year,” said Brian Thomas, vice president and chief development officer for the foundation.

The foundation’s plans to honor award recipients, celebrate the MCV Society and connect with the Discovery Society members were put on hold. Our endowed scholarship brunch, a beloved tradition, was canceled.

“Connecting with our friends and supporters is among the most rewarding work we do each year,” Brian Thomas said. “Transitioning to a virtual format became imperative for us so that we did not lose these valuable moments of coming together in support of the MCV Campus.”

Over the summer, the development team partnered with an event planning company to reimagine how our most beloved traditions and events might be translated to an online format.

The virtual environment opened opportunities for education and socializing among the foundation’s supporters. The foundation has hosted or planned many events this fall, including four Discovery Series events in Williamsburg and Richmond that raise awareness of VCU Medical Center’s great care and to support innovative research on the MCV Campus. Virtual events also created opportunities for engagement among our MCV Society members who have included the foundation in their estate plans.

“Our goal was to ensure that we could safely celebrate and engage with our community as we continue working hard together to move the MCV Foundation and VCU Health’s mission forward,” said Margaret Ann Bollmeier, president of the foundation. “While the virtual opportunities could never fully replace the ability to gather in person, they are a strong reminder of how much we have to look forward to when that day comes and they also have opened up new possibilities for engagement.”

If you are interested in learning more about how to join the Discovery Society or become a member of the MCV Society, please contact Brian Thomas, vice president for development and chief development officer, at 804-828-0067 or

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The foundation looks forward to the day we can safely gather again in person to honor our friends. This photo is from a recent MCV Society Reception hosted at VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art. Photo: Chris Ijams