Walter Lawrence

Named Endowed Fund

Endowments never stop giving.

With a named endowed fund, the principal of your gift is invested and grows over time while a percentage of the income growth is distributed annually to support the purpose you have specified. Endowments serve VCU Health in several ways by:

  • providing financial stability by augmenting other traditional sources of revenue;
  • enhancing programs to a level of quality that would not be possible without this additional support; and
  • allowing strategic planning over longer time horizons because of the presence of perpetual funding.

Endowments are extremely important to the quality of our campus programs, as they provide long-term financial stability regardless of government funding and changes in the economy. Donors can create an endowment to support students, faculty, research or other programs across the campus. The MCV Foundation’s gift planning staff, as well as the development officers of our schools and centers, are available to assist donors in establishing endowments and structuring gifts to accomplish their goals.

A minimum gift of $50,000 is required to establish a new endowed fund at the MCV Foundation; however, there is no minimum or limit on gifts to existing endowments. Minimum endowment thresholds are set by the VCU Board of Visitors and are subject to change.


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